Lost Walmart Credit Card – Report If Not Arrived, Lost or Stolen

By | February 12, 2018

Being the world’s largest retail company, Walmart always tries to keep its valuable customer’s comfort on top of the priority list. Since Walmart manages approximately 9000 stores around the world, sometimes it is difficult to maintain all services well managed. However, Walmart takes care of all of its services very carefully and doing a wonderful job in the field of retail sector by growing day by day around the world.

Report a Walmart Credit Card If it has Never Arrived, Lost or Stolen

Similarly, the customers of Walmart also faces some issues regarding Walmart. As we all know that, Walmart offers two types of card to its customers. One of them is Walmart MasterCard and other is Walmart Credit Card. When you apply for your Walmart Credit Card, then it does not provide you with the instant approval because it takes time to complete some of the bank procedures.

Therefore it gets delivered to your address provided in the application form with mail, sometimes it never arrives, sometimes you lose it or sometimes it gets stolen. This kind of problems can easily occur with your Walmart Credit Card.

Now, these are the incidents, you can’t do anything about but, the thing you can do is to resolve this kind of issues with Walmart and make yourself convenient again. So if you are looking for the answers and ways to solve your lost, stolen or never arrived Walmart Credit Card, then the answers here. Please pay attention.

If Your Walmart Credit Card Never Arrived:

When you fill and submit the application to apply for Walmart Credit card, then it takes sometimes to approve your application due to some internal process (instant approval cannot be provided). Therefore when your application gets approval from Walmart, they send it to your address in a mail and it is expected to be delivered within 7 – 10 working days.

If after that time period it does not arrive at your address then you need to follow these steps to tell the Walmart about your never arrived Walmart Credit Card.

  • Since Walmart has separated all the customer service departments for its valuable shoppers. Here, we are providing you with the number of Walmart Credit Card Customer Service. Please note it down very carefully. The number is 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880.
  • After making a call on the above-given number, listen to the operator carefully and follow all instructions. If they ask then provide social security code as well.
  • For making a query press ‘0’ and talk to the customer care representatives. They will verify your details by asking some questions and then they will tell you about your Walmart Credit Card Status.
  • If it is dispatched already, then you can also register a complaint about not receiving it after so long.
  • Then they will try to solve your problem by their end and will make sure that you will receive your Walmart Credit Card as soon as possible.

If your Walmart credit card is lost or stolen:

Life is nowadays full of rush and in this condition, you can miss your Walmart Credit Card somehow. Sometimes it can also be stolen.In these situations, you need not worry about. If you follow the proper steps then the chances of miss use of your Credit Card is very few. Let’s know what steps to follow after losing your Walmart Credit Card.

There are mainly two methods, using them you can report Walmart about your lost Credit Card. Let’s take a look on them one by one.

  1. Report Online:

This is the easiest way to report Walmart about your lost Walmart Credit Card and to do so you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, login to your Walmart Credit Card Account by visiting the official website of Walmart (www.walmart.com).
  • Then next go to your Account Summary.
  • Then click on the link to “Request Replacement Card”, shown here.

Now request for your Walmart Credit Card will be forwarded and your previous old card will be locked automatically.

  1. Report To Customer Service Helpline:

If you don’t want to report online or feel any inconvenience in that process then you can also report Walmart about your lost or stolen Walmart Credit Card by calling on its customer service helpline number 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880.

After calling on the Customer service helpline, please follow the process mentioned above in the column “if your Walmart Credit card never arrived” of this article only. You just have to report about your lost or stolen Walmart Credit card, instead of asking about the delay of its arrival in this case.


Use whatever method you are comfortable in, but always remember that you need to report quickly about your lost or stolen Walmart Credit Card, just after its loss to prevent the misuse of it.

Please do not share any of your personal information in below provided comment box for security reasons.

2 thoughts on “Lost Walmart Credit Card – Report If Not Arrived, Lost or Stolen

  1. Rodney Campbell

    Lost wallet or someone may have stolen it. Walmart Master Card was inside. Please cancel my Walmart Master Card immediately. This is my information I got off of my last statement.
    Account: 5434 4030 5622 5486
    Rodney Campbell
    313 10102 – 68 st
    Peace River, AB T8S 0B2
    DOB April 11, 2019
    Balance on card 1814.70
    Next payment: $55.00 due May 9,2019
    Please cancel my card immediately before it gets into the wrong hands.

  2. Norman Farnham

    I have lost/stolen my Walmart Credit Card and it still still in use (by someone). I wish to cancel my credit card! Norm Farnham, 115–32–2165, Aberdeen, NC 28315


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