Walmart Credit Card Customer Service and Toll Free Phone Numbers

By | January 31, 2018

Since Walmart has a reputation for being world’s largest retail chain company, it always takes care of the fact ‘GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE’ in every aspect. It has numerous services to offer to its valuable customers which shows its focus on good quality customer service. Walmart is committed to offering you a pleasing shopping experience with the excellent customer service support. It is always ready to respond to any of your queries and questions regarding Walmart services, either online or at stores.

Have you ever been in trouble with any of Walmart services? Have you ever thought to resolve them? Have you ever been disappointed with Walmart and thought of to shop from somewhere else? These are some question which sometimes comes to mind of approximately every shopper. However, Walmart always maintains a good quality of products and customer service.

If you are in trouble with your Walmart Cards and finding some solutions regarding it then you should contact to ‘Walmart Customer Service Team’. Here in this article, we are leading the way to connect with Walmart customer service team and providing you with some important contact numbers those can be used by you at the time you face any problem regarding your different kind of Walmart cards.Let’s take a look.

Walmart Customer Service Support, Phone Numbers

As we all know that Walmart offers a different kind of Walmart Cards such as Walmart VISA gift card, Walmart Credit card, Walmart MasterCard, Walmart  MoneyCard etc. So let’s take a look at Walmart customer service helpline numbers for different kind of Walmart cards, that it offers.

Walmart Credit Card/MasterCard:

  • 1 – 977 – 294 – 7880.

Walmart MoneyCard:

  • 877 – 937 –  4098.

Walmart VISA Gift Card:

  • 866 – 633 – 9096.

Walmart Discover Card:

  • 866 – 611 – 1148.

Walmart Community and Business card:

  • 1 – 977 – 294 – 7880.

Contact to Walmart Customer Service Support

  1. Walmart has a group of Highly skilled and professional people to handle its customer service.
  2. When you call to Walmart customer service team, you will find the representative intellectual and calm.
  3. Walmart customer service provides instant response to its customers.
  4. Walmart customer service team will always provide you solution to your problems.
  5. The Walmart customer service is available 24×7 for out365 days.


  • Walmart always appreciates your support with your comments, complaints and suggestions.
  • If you have come across any bad experiences with your Walmart Credit Card, then you must be knowing about Walmart’s excellent customer services. Walmart provides the excellent customer service team with everywhere you deal with Walmart either online or at the store.
  • If you contact Walmart customer service team then you will find a highly skilled staff of professional people, those are fully dedicated to resolving your issue as soon as possible and you can easily get your problem solved.
  • If you want to complain regarding any service then you can contact Walmart online as well by writing them online on its corporate website.


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