How to Get Walmart Credit Card Instant Approval – Apply Now

By | February 12, 2018

As we all know that Walmart is the largest chain of retail superstores in the world. It has the reputation for low prices. Walmart is the best place to shop groceries and other households at a low price for many consumers. And if you regularly spend money there, then you really need to know about Walmart Credit Cards.

You can easily apply for Walmart Credit Card at the Walmart Superstore or online through Walmart’s official website,

Walmart usually offers two type of Credit Cards to their shoppers; the Walmart Credit Card and the Walmart MasterCard. Both the Cards are handled by Synchrony Bank. So when you apply for your Walmart Credit Card, then it usually takes some time due to bank procedures.

If you spend hundreds of dollars regularly at Walmart Stores, then you might need the card instantly for huge discounts. So let’s discover the possibilities regarding instant approval for Walmart Credit Card.

Is there any Way to Get Instant Approval for Walmart Credit Card?

If you are searching the answer to this question then the answer is NO. There is no condition in which, Walmart will offer you an instant approval to your Walmart Credit Card. Until the bank procedure is done, you won’t get your Walmart Credit Card.

But, you can still use the features of Walmart Credit Card after applying for it. Let’s know how:

  • The officials of Walmart Company have introduced a new feature for its new customers. If you have applied for your Walmart credit Card but have not got approval for it then also, you can avail all the offers and discounts, online or at the store within 24 hours of applying.
  • When you will go to a Walmart store and apply for any of the Walmart Credit cards then the store representative will give you a Walmart slip for instant shopping.
  • Using the slip you can avail all the benefits and offers of Walmart Credit Card instantly.
  • However, this is not the Walmart Credit Card instant approval but, you may consider it as Walmart instant shopping approval.

walmart credit card instant approval

Majority of new Walmart shoppers are unaware of this feature of instant discount, on applying for Walmart Credit Card. They usually wait for their Credit card approval and till then, shop as usual.

Use of Walmart Credit Card without the Card:

Neither version of Walmart Cards (Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard) charges an annual fee. So if you don’t want to wait till you Walmart Credit Card approval then use the slip provided by the Walmart representative to avail all the offers, available on the Walmart Credit Card. This is how you can take all the benefits of Walmart Credit Card even without receiving your card.


  • Instant shopping, with the slip provided by the Walmart representative at the time of applying for Walmart Credit Card, can be used within 24 hours.
  • So if you want to avail all offers and discounts on Walmart Credit Card then make sure, that you use the slip within 24 hours.
  • The Walmart Credit Card is a good choice to have if you are a regular online or store customer at Walmart.


This is not the official website of Walmart. So, please do not share any of your personal information here. For better help support dial Walmart customer service number.

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