How to Check Walmart MasterCard Application Status

By | January 31, 2018

As we all know that Walmart is the largest retail company in the world and world leader in the retail industry. Walmart owns approximately 12000 stores in 15 countries. The Walmart provides two types of cards to its regular shoppers. Walmart Credit Card is one of them and other is Walmart MasterCard.

To avail a different kind of discounts and benefits of Walmart services you should use one of them for sure. If you are a regular shopper of Walmart Superstores and have not applied for any of them, then you should apply immediately for getting greater offers.

If you apply for Walmart MasterCard, then Walmart doesn’t provide you with your card immediately. It takes some time to issue the card. If your application has been approved then your Walmart MasterCard will be sent to you in the mail within 7-10 business days. But if it takes more time than usual then you need to check your application status and know about your Walmart account number. This will help you to know the exact problem regarding the delay of your card.

Different Ways to Check Your Application Status:

There are two main and reliable ways to know and check your Walmart MasterCard Application status. So let’s discuss each of them one by one.

  1. Make A Call To Customer Care Helpline:

The very first way to know about your Walmart MasterCard Application Number is to call the customer service helpline for better convenience. Here is the procedure to follow on the helpline. Take a look.

  • Since Walmart has separated all the customer service departments for its valuable shoppers. So you have to know the correct number to call on to check your Walmart MasterCard Application status.
  • Here, we are providing you with the number of Walmart MasterCard Customer Service. Please note it down very carefully. The number is 1 – 877 – 294 – 7880.
  • After making a call on the above-given number, listen to the operator carefully and follow all instructions. If they ask you about any personal information such as social security code, then provide it.
  • After verifying all details it will generate an application number for
  • If you have any query then press the ‘0’ button and talk to the customer service representative.
  • Provide all your details to customer service representative along with the application number.
  • After verifying all the details the customer service representative will tell you about your MasterCard Application Status.
  1. Make A Visit To Your Nearest Walmart Superstore:

The Walmart customer service helpline will solve your problem for sure but, if you are not happy with the service and want to know more about your MasterCard Application Status then just make a visit to your nearest Walmart Superstore. Ask the representatives at the counter of the superstore about your MasterCard Application Status.

They will ask you about some personal details and soon will solve your problem and let you know about your Application status.

Master Card Account Number; what is this?

Every Walmart MasterCard holder should know, that what is Walmart MasterCard Account Number? Actually, the 16 digit number on the front side of your MasterCard (MasterCard Number) is also your Walmart MasterCard Account number.

Many people suffer to identify that especially the new users of Walmart MasterCard. This MasterCard Account number also helps us with paying Walmart online bills. After following the payment method you need that MasterCard Account Number to finish the payment.


  • Before applying for any card of the Walmart, you should know exactly how to use it; so that you can take the full advantage of it.
  • The procedure to know about the application status of Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card is approximately same.
  • Keep the account information on your Walmart Cards with you only. Don’t share it with everyone for avoiding the cheat.


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