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By | February 3, 2018

If you are a regular heavy customer of Walmart then you should be knowing about the cards provided by the Walmart. As we all know that Walmart is the largest retail chain in theentire retail industry of the world. So it always tries to take extra care of its customers. So in thisprocess,Walmart introduced the Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard for its valuable customers.

Walmart MasterCard is the special card on that you can avail a different kind of discounts and cash back time to time. But to avail all these features, at very first you have to apply for your Walmart MasterCard. However, you can apply for your Walmart MasterCard by visiting at Walmart Superstore but here we are going to discuss the online procedure for login and applying for MasterCard.

So in the given article, we are going to show you how to log in, sign up and apply online for your Walmart MasterCard so that you can avail all the benefits you used to miss all the time when you shopped with Walmart stores on the online website. Let’s take a look at these points step by step.

Online SIGN-UP Procedure:

This is the most initial step for login or applying to your Walmart MasterCard online. Signing into the official website of the Walmart ( helps you to have an official account in the Walmart world. Here are the procedure instructions to follow to sign up in Walmart.

  1. To do it very first visit the official website of the Walmart (
  2. Now click on the sign-up link and choose ‘create an account’
  3. Now this will lead you to a form, please fill this form to have an official Walmart online account.
  4. After filling the full form, click the submit button. Now you finally own an official Walmart online Account.
  5. Now you will be provided with a User ID and a Password by Walmart for your further transactions on the official website of Walmart.
  6. Note this User ID and Password carefully, you will need them during the sign-in process for applying your Walmart MasterCard.

Walmart MasterCard Login Procedure

If you have successfully created your account on the official website of Walmart by signing-up, then now you need to log-in into it. Here we are showing you the procedure instructions for login to your Walmart Online Account. Check the procedure.

  • Now after Sign-up, again visit the home page of the official website of the Walmart (
  • Now you will find a link ‘sign in’ on the right corner of the top of the Walmart website.
  • This is the link which will lead you to login to your official Walmart account.
  • Now fill your User ID and Password provided to you by Walmart at the time of Sign-up.
  • Now filling both the information, this will lead you to your official account on Walmart directly and now from here, you can apply for your Walmart MasterCard.

Now Apply for your Walmart MasterCard:

After completing both the sign-up and log-in procedures, now you are ready to apply for your Walmart Cards. Procedure to apply for both the Walmart cards i.e. Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card is same. You just have to select the card option which you want to apply for on the official website of Walmart. Let’s know the process to apply for Walmart MasterCard. So take a look.

  • After log-in into your account, you will see a sidebar on your left hand. On that sidebar, you will see an option ‘Apply for Walmart MasterCard’.
  • Now, when you click this option then this will redirect you to an application form screen.
  • Read and fill the complete application form carefully by providing all the necessary information such as name, phone number, email address etc.
  • After filling all the details, proofread it and then click the continue
  • Now you have successfully applied for your Walmart MasterCard, which will be delivered to the address you filled in the form by mail in 7-15 office days after approval of your application.

Walmart Customer Service Toll-Free Number:

Walmart usually delivers your Walmart MasterCard within 7-15 working days, but if you don’t receive it for a long time, then you can call the Walmart Customer service helpline to check your Walmart MasterCard status or can also make a visit to any of the nearest Walmart store to you.

Here we are providing you with the Walmart Customer Service Helpline Number for your better convenience. Here is the number, 1 – 977 – 294 – 7880.


  • The account you create by signing up on the official website of the Walmart will remain the same to manage both the card provided by Walmart. i.e Walmart MasterCard or Walmart Credit card.
  • Never share your user ID and Password with anyone, It’s a private thing which is essential to manage your official Walmart account every time.
  • You can also manage your official Walmart Online Account using this procedure. There are many options such as apply for Credit Card, short an issue, request for regenerating password etc. are also be operated through this official Walmart account of yours.


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