Walmart Tracking – Track Your Ordered Package Easily

By | June 6, 2019

When we order something online from Walmart, then the first concern comes to our mind is our package delivery status. Many Walmart online shoppers are even unaware that they can track their order online. ‘Walmart Tracking’ is the option that you can use to track your online order anytime.

Walmart is the world’s largest retail company and it takes extra care of the customers. In this process, it introduced ‘Walmart Tracking’ as a unique option for the convenience of the online shoppers. If you are a Walmart online shopper then, you can use Walmart Tracking option to track your package anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

To track your online package, you have to follow a simple process. So let’s discuss the tracking process…..

Steps for Using Walmart Tacking System:

The answer to your question, how to use Walmart Tracking is here. But before you get started Walmart Tracking, make sure to have your email and online order number. If you have them, then now follow these steps guided below to track your Walmart online order.

Step 1.

  • To track your order online, the very first thing you have to do is log in to your ‘Walmart Account’. If you have ordered your package online, then you should have a Walmart account.

Step 2.

  • Once you are logged in, then go to the Track Your Order option on the Walmart official website page. You can also go through the Track Order option directly before Walmart credit card login. You can find this option on top of the right side of Walmart official Website. In both cases, next procedure will be same.

walmart tracking

Step 3.

  • Now you are ready to track your order online. Just enter your email and last six-digits of your online order number in the provided form. Now click the View Order Status option button and you are all done. Now the Walmart will show you, your order status.

What, if there is No Tracking Information of your Order?

If you have successfully followed the above three steps to track your online order but still, there is no information shown on Walmart official Website.  Instead of any information if it shows “NOT FOUND”, then there are some possible reasons for this. These possible reasons are mentioned below:

  1. The information filled by you was incorrect or invalid.
  2. If your order is in processing status, then tracking is not available.
  3. The carrier has not taken your order package yet.
  4. The Carrier has not updated your package tracking information into the system.
  5. Your order number has expired or removed from the system of the carrier.
  6. Tracking can take 48 hours to updating the status.

So if you are unable to see your tracking information due to these reasons, then don’t get afraid. After some time Walmart or carrier will resolve these problems automatically by their channel, and then you will be able to track your package without any hassle. So just wait for some time and try it again.

If you don’t know how to apply for walmart credit card online then, follow this link to get complete details.


For your convenience, we tried to cover all aspects and features of ‘Walmart Tracking’. As you observed that, operating this feature is not that difficult, even it’s very easy if followed properly. So if you are a regular Walmart online shopper or a new customer, in both cases no need to worry. The above steps are enough to guide you to track your online order from Walmart.

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